Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Avett Brothers - When I Drink

  There's a Jim Morrison poem that goes thusly:

I drink so I can talk to assholes.
This includes me.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Nothing but camp

That city there on the right...

...was a massive POW camp during the war...

...and a sleepy-ish town in 1980 (bottom)
  What I found most interesting at the museum, apart from the never-ending shit buckets and barbed-wire flails, was the fact that a 'modern' city now stands where a camp housing 450,000 prisoners once stood.  In pictures from 1980, the city is barely there yet.  More fuel for my rants about how disgusting and haphazard so much of Korean urban architecture is.  No Korean city has an actual skyline, but an endless jumble of concrete slab monoliths tarted up with a cut-paste facade of interchangable yet identity-free storefronts: Family Mart, meat restaurant, brothel, bar, kindergarten, Face Shop...next street...copy and paste, ad nauseum.  Wow, must be time for bed, listen to this nonsense.

POW camp weapons

T-28, nothing to do with the POW camp

Barbed-wire flail!  Barbed-wire flail!

There were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.

There it is again (b.w.f)

  My 'favourite' was the barbed-wire flail.  There were quite a few bloody uprisings at this camp, so lots of folks were getting medieval on each others asses with those beasts.

Feces is fun!

Hey!  Lookit us!  Look at the pair of us shittin' sons'a'bitches!

My mother will be proud

Get it brah!

Price of admission?  3,000 won.  Getting to frolic among life-sized 55-gallon drums filled with fake maggoty feces?  Priceless.

Oh snap!

Let's play light-sabres!  Wheee!
  Poo-poo and pee-pee is always gonna be funny, every damn time.

Geoje POW camp museum

A massive fibreglass tank

Hey, there's Mao!

And m'man Joe!

Dioramas!  Booyeah!

Lookit, I'm a miserable prisoner!  Cheese!

Young Joe Pantoliano

The most useless giant fibreglass helmet ever

Hey!  Where are you from!?

Another fairly useless giant fibreglass helmet

That city back there?  All camp, in the day.


This happened to me last week, exactly this.

Most of the actual camp ruins can be found outside of the museum, down the road.

  Last weekend I checked out the hokey POW camp museum just down the road with a new pal...we'll call him Young Joe Pantoliano.  The entire Gohyeon valley, which today houses a city, was filled with commie prisoners during the war.  Korean museums love their wacky dioramas, and hell, who doesn't love a good diorama?  There were quite a few disconcertingly pointless fibreglass structures on the premises, such as a massive tank housing...drum roll...an escalator flanked by cardboard dictators.  And massive fibreglass helmets housing a few poorly-written paragraphs in a display case.  I guess I'm critical to the point of being mean.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

U2 - Van Diemen's Land

  The Edge!  Screw Bono, The Edge is what time it's at.  I have a vague memory of getting really drunk one night, years ago, and writing a letter to The Edge asking him what guitar effect he was using on some song.  I'm not too sure if I actually sent the letter, but I'd be curious to read that letter now.  I watched Killing Bono the other day, it was aiight.
  This song always gets me.  It sounds good on the mando.  Oh, I jammed with a banjo guy last week at a nearby bar, good times.  We did Dirty Old Town, Wagon Wheel, and something else I sure forget.  He's leaving soon, hopefully there are other folks to jam with.  Rock!
  I'm drinking kava tea, praying for sleep.


Friday, 27 January 2012

Chicken Syndrome

   I find my Chicken Syndrome chicken goes well with a glass of Chuk Hyup milk.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

You are what you eat

Roly poly fish heads
  I guess it's a shamanistic/Buddhist nod to the year of the dragon.  With legs.  Hey, District 9 is on, badass!  It's the sveetie man coming!

Happy ew year

  The last few days have been pretty cold (for Korea), so it made being apartment-ridden with a bum knee for a five-day weekend easier to live with.  The first couple of weeks on Geoje were crazy warm, up to 12 degrees most days.  I'm guessing that fooled some creepy crawlies, because I spotted some mega-wasps and what I think was a mega-wasp larvae crawling around, all gross.  Ew.