Friday, 30 March 2012

Peace out, Earl Scruggs

Turkish food

'Baked cram soup with aromatic herd'

I polish two of these bad boys off regularly.
Is good, yo.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lost balls, vol.II


  Hey hey!  Here are yet more tragic lost balls I've seen on my ramblings.  And a lonely shuttlecock.  Isn't there a bluegrass song about a lonely shuttlecock?

 "On a windy cold eve, all the rackets went home, taken home by the jocks,
  And the loneliest piece of equipment that night, was the loneliest shuttlecock."

Monday, 26 March 2012


'WTF', thought the Little Egret

  Early last week I spotted some Black-tailed Gulls fighting over a few dead fish in the salt-water canal next to my apartment.  A few days later I walked along the canal and saw several hundred more dead fish, which the gulls were now wisely ignoring.  Over the weekend, I was appalled to see thousands of dead and dying fish in the canal.  And of course, a Korean guy fishing.  Yes, he was fishing.
  The canal is bordered by farm fields, and the farmers have been covering the fields in fertilizer and pesticides lately.  I'm guessing the runoff from the fields, which drains directly into the canal, is what's killing off the fish.  Koreans were looking at me like I was strange for taking pictures of the dead fish.  I, in turn, thought they were strange for not being alarmed by the thousands of dead fish.  Reminds me of Wump World.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weekend bikin'

Owl pellet

Baby bird skull

    I took old Curves out for a long and amazing ride yesterday.  I hit up the west coast at first, climbed a rickety old mountain and found some owl pellets.  Rambled down to the southeast coast to a small beach town called Gujora.  There, I ate ramyan and shared it with a scruffy beast.  I ended up penetrating the security of a top-secret installation.  I shrugged and grinned my way out.
  Last night I raged in Okpo with my new baseball team.  Go Invaders!  We crashed some snooty French wedding party and ate up all the sweet sweet free food.  The night ended well.

Friday, 23 March 2012


  Resolute wants me to bust out a rant against tooth-sucking, halitosis-whistling man-o-lantern ajosshis.  At this exact moment, I can't oblige.  I made a resolution to not be so angry, and this year I've been pretty damn irie about Korean stuff that used to infuriate me.  I guess I'm just less angry.  Or maybe just dead inside!
  PS, Koreans dance and stuff.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Meet you at Homers

Have a tall on the beach!

GS weather

We won a dart contest on Jeju as newbies - folks weren't impressed

Cobain's bud Jun, who showed us some cool spots

I gots yo fuckin' face!

Gwangan beach in morning's harsh light

Vitamin Water for breakfast, as per usual

We met at Homers again, guess we musta got split up

Smalls at a Gohyeon GS - classic.
  Just got around to getting some pics off my phone from when Cobain and I ripped up Busan back in Feb.  We ripped it up old school.  You hear me?  We gave Busan an old-fashioned beating.