Monday, 29 October 2012

10-hour birdathon

Some old tree

Bamboo mess

Another old tree

What's left of  'Gujora Fortress'

Lunch spot, decent

Creepy wall deep in the woods

Life is hard

Twin ships


Totally destroyed
Bridge to Gajo Island

Breakfast spot - decent

Gajo Island

  Nothing beats driving around the back roads of Geoje in perfect Summumn weather on a sexy bike.  No sir, nothing much.  The one downfall is getting covered in 'tokebis' (literally - 'goblins').  I got destroyed by these little cling-ons after a little off-trail birding.  Took 20 minutes to get em off.  Still worth it.
  Looking to get colder by week's end.

Geoje critters, these days

Hall Crab - an 'only in Korea' specimen

Fat Mantis

What's left of a shitty little mosquito

Awww, he's just sleeping,  right?



Fat mantis, again

Random signs/crap of late


Mucher Green Peas man!

Sweet label on Filipino hooch

ORGANIC SAND (the girl is like 'Holy shit!')

Grandpa lookin fly in his Donald Ducks

Nut Plaza - I've got one in my pants.  Boom!

Dumb hair

  Look look!  Look at her hair!  It's orange.  Teehee giggle.  Wait look, she bending over!  Hahaha.

Snakes again

Sadly how I usually see Keelbacks

A gorgeous Dione Ratsnake, freshly dead :(
  Couple more.  A couple of weeks ago I caught a quick glimpse of a bright green snake heading in some reeds.  I can't figure out what the hell it was.

Tiger Keelback, getting all cobra on my ass

  Snakewatching is my second favourite outdoor activity after birdwatching.  I came across this feisty Tiger Keelback at dusk yesterday at the 'tail end' of a 10-hour birdathon.  It was good to see a live one - usually I see them when they're flat on the road.  Anyways, this guy was going nuts, and when I approached it to get some pics it reared up at me with its hood flattened out, cobra-style.  Its body raised up and it just stood there until I backed off.  Wicked cool.  Oh yeah, it's a poisonous snake, so maybe I shouldn't have been playing with it.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I keep bashing my fucking ankles on stuff.

Weasel face

Siberian Weasel, that is.  I almost stepped on this one as I came around a corner on a quiet path this morning.  It somersaulted off and glared at me indignantly from within its hole.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Eurasian Siskin and friends

deadly Ussuri Mamushi Pitviper (aka '2-step snake')

Daurian Redstart - male

Daurian Redstart - female

  Got a bunch of these moving in lately for winter.  I just found a quiet little birding spot in my backyard, on a quiet mountain stream.  Wish I'd found it in the spring, musta been going off.  Damn, time to dust off my poor stagnating birding blog.  Oh, tons of Daurian Redstarts around.  Buckets full.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Shit toothpaste

  Yes, in Korea I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy myself shit-themed toothpaste.  I tried it, it was pretty shitty.

So Pitted at Gwanganli

Gnarly shore break, bru!
  Surfing is cool and all, but when all you're doing is strutting around the beach with an unused board, covered in the latest surf fashion/tude, then I declare it dumb.  I guess.
  Speaking of shit, Koreans shit angry.  I've seen guys storming into the bathroom all angry, and I've heard angry cursing coming from the shitter.  "Fucking crap!  Fuck you, you stinking piece of my own shit!  Graah! GUB!"


  Sure does!  Fuck math!