Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Seoul shenans

Birdin with the +1
Ilsan Lake Park redux
Red-crowned Cranes in a cage - a gift from China.  Thanks China, for the gift of misery.
Noisy photogs with no binoculars, and no manners
Good birders, with scopes and a genuine passion for birds
Pro hockey in Seoul
The poutine at Yaletown is nowhere near as good as  at RMT
B-dog and some pro hockey dudes
The wings at Beer O'clock are nowhere near as good as at RMT
I used to live in Ilsan.  Yuck?
A buncha stuff happened in Seoul.  Went drinking with pro hockey players and gossiped about Subban and Desharnais.  Ate, drank, birded, spent too much on cabs.  That's how I roll.

Manjanggul Cave / Caves are boring


Crappy pictures of boring cave stuff

Pretty neat in itself I guess, but I've been in a few caves in my day, and caves don't get more exciting with every new cave visited, I suppose.  There were no bats or pirates or bears or castaways or glowing mystery eyes in here.  Just fibreglass volcanoes and trippy lights.  Then I posed with a Damas van in an attempt to recreate pictures I saw somewhere once.  No one got it.



Good ole bowling.  Occasionally I'm decent, but most of the time, not so much.
 If Michael Fassbender's name was Michael Assbender, then that would be pretty funny.

We want YOU on Team Sisu


And a few weeks ago I helped show Finland's best birders around Jeju, with a proper tourbus.  I just kept thinking 'Don't say anything stupid,' and hopefully I succeeded.  It was a bit tense at first, because apparently they each had their own favourite seat on the bus - I blundered on at dawn, a complete unkown non-Finn (unFinn?  Finnless?), and sat in someone's seat.  Nothing icier than a grumpy Finnish stare.  Anyways, they warmed up as the sun came out, and we had some good yuks.  I thought it was neat the way most of them looked like members of a really badass metal band.

Seoul Birding bonanztravaganza

female Hazel Grouse
male Hazel Grouse
Plumbeous Water Redstart (dropping a deuce)
European Robin
Went to Seoul.  Did some birding, saw some crazy gorgeous and/or rare birds.  I'll post more on the bird blog soon.  Birds make me happy.  My heart glows much like E.T.'s heart when I see a cool bird.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Best skull-and-crossbones-shaped moss ever


Best translation job EVER (again)

In case you missed this sign when I put it up in uhhhhhh, early 2009, here it is again, in all its spectacular greatness.  Please read it carefully.  Simply the best.

Wackiness of Feb

Extinguisher heap

Slow news week.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Nob!  I'm watching hockey.  There's a dog on my feet.  It's windy.  I have to crap.  But I'll wait.  Hold it.


 I was 100% sure this would end in tears, and I could put the video on YouTube.  Sadly, the whole operation went off calamity-free.  Lucky.
  In other news, check out what a crummy neighbourhood I live in.

All classiness, all the time

It doesn't phase me much anymore when I regularly see the disgusting piles of detruitus left over in the aftermath of boozy ajosshi picnics in the park.  How's that for a sentence?  Seriously though, grown adult men who can't clean up all their shit and put it in a garbage bag?  Someone else's problem, they think as they stagger away, picking their teeth and spitting.  That's a huge part of the problem in this country - someone else's problem.  Trying to get a Korean to own their mistake is like trying to get a cat to look at its reflection in the mirror.  I guess Koreans view their country as a garbage can.  Give a fuckin' hoot, Koreans, give a fuckin' hoot.


As wee long-haired lads, my bandmate Tanu and I used to listen to Jimi Hendrix tapes in his hazy boarding house room on Prud'homme, incessantly.  Then I didn't listen to Hendrix for a good many years.  Lately I've been listening to Hendrix again.  Holy fuck.  I'd forgotten how much he absolutely rocks nations.
  I was writing a song the other day and I rhymed 'babylons' with 'fabulons' and 'grabbin on'.  Big ups to me.
  Set to go birding with Finland's best birders on Sunday.  Should be amazeballs.
  It's rainy out.  People are saying it's cold, which is dogshite.  It's 7 degrees.  Yeah, time to slash open a Ton-Ton and get inside.