Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stuff wot goes in me mouf

Full English, solid
What the hell is a malt loaf?  Squidgy energy?
Nice Cornish lager that tastes more like ale

Cheese n chutney
  Eating and drinking stuff is often the best part of a day.  Sometimes.  Almost done in the UK, time to migrate back over to the 514 for a wee bit.

Devon thingies


It's getting cold down here, but it's all good, for I have my 6£ British Commando sweater, which I picked up at a charity shop.  Run-on sentence.  Charity shops rule.  Been finding plenty of good books there as well.  What else?  I've been working with wood a lot.  Chopping stuff down, secateuring high-up bits, sawing it up with chainsaws, splitting it, all that jazz.  I'm getting Popeye forearms because of it.  I is what I is.

The Black Cock Inn

  I flicked through the TV channels the other day, and I must be trippin'.  When did baking, ballroom dancing, and antiques become cool?  The world is grannies.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Goings on of late


Drifted to Devon, on England's sw coast, just east of Cornwall.  Getting colder.  I've been shovelling shit and chopping wood and stuff.