Monday, 28 September 2009

Computers suck.

Still computerless for the forseeable future, but I found somewhere that sells dill pickles. Not sweet pickles.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Craptop down again

My computer has died. Wotta pile of balls.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Is my favorite season. Sunny and hot (but not too hot) during the day, and crisp at night. Yes yes yes. Weather.

Great Tits

Did some serious birding with a couple of guys who are actually more into it than I am. We are a strange breed. Picked up three lifers, aren't you happy for me? I like being alone in the woods. With Great Tits. That's a kind of bird. It's true, google images it, it's SFW. Great Tits.

Sea snail soup

Was recently forced upon me by a smiling and expectant Korean friend, who assured me that it was 'famous'. I put the first snail in my mouth under his watchful gaze, feigned surprised delight, and then proceeded to strategically misplace the rest of the little escargots while I tucked into the musky noodles. The kimchi wasn't bad.

My two favorite things about Jeju

If everybody had a surfboard...

...across the ROK...then everybody'd be surfin'... like Californi-a...we'd all be gettin' our chests waxed...acidentall-y...and float around in the ocean...never catching a wave...everybody's gone surfin'...surfin' ...patheticall-y.


Cobain and I finally got our Team Halla patches. We'd been waiting for a while for this bestowment, and were grinning like idiots when we were presented with said patches. This is the first level patch - the full 'circular skull' patch comes later, and we have to earn it. Sounds like the Hell's Angels or something. Unlike the Hell's Angels however, we don't have to sleep with HIV-positive prostitutes to join, or at least that's what they're telling us now. We received our glorious patches at a 'night mission', which meant mostly lots of blurry barbeque, beer, and schmoozing. Apparently some famous and handsome Korean actor was there, but I don't know him or care, so I was desperately trying to shoot him in his pretty face.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Yet more creatures

Tons o caterpillars by the river lately. The Oriental Cuckoos love 'em. Simply love 'em. I enjoy tea.


These things are hella loud. Why are 70% of my posts about bugs? Beach volleyball tomorrow morning. Gotta get in shape for a tournament next month. We are 'Team Thunderbots' - half Autobot, half Thundercat.

Monday, 14 September 2009

What's worse than snakes on a plane?

Mosquitoes in an elevator. Also, don't you hate it when Bulbuls look like Drongos? I hate that every time.


'From Me To You' is also a good listen. Yes sir. Weather's getting brisk at night, but otherwise the Summer has just begun. Nothing much of note to report.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


'All My Loving' by The Beatles is probably one of the best songs ever.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The first time I took a picture of an Osprey I was 10, and I shakily placed a 4$ 'toy' camera the size of a pine cone to the eye-piece of a spotting scope. The picture came out. I was officially the first person ever to 'digi-scope'. With significantly better gear I caught this bruiser as it dropped out of the sky not 15 feet in front of me, while I was trying to get a better look at an Oriental Cuckoo. It drank, and flopped around in the water for a bit. Looks angry. I also remember being forced by my 5th grade teacher to write letters to world leaders pleading for the banning of Osprey-egg-softening DDT. Or something along those lines. Birds.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bang, then you died

Had a ripping good airsoft game with Team Halla today. Low point: me getting shot in the face at close range thanks to Mr. Ghillie Hat. High point: me suicidally jumping out in front of 5 opponents at close range while firing wildly and unleashing a blood-curdling Al Quaida 'Lalalalalalalalala!'. I've never seen people scatter so fast. Heh heh. My gun is the Masada on the right, as of yet not heavily modified. Soon. Cobain and I are talking each other into buying remote-controlled tanks that fire BBs. The fun potential with those bad-boys is pretty much endless. More on these insane plans soon.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Golden Orb Weaver

These monsters are everywhere this time year. This fiend was almost as big as my hand.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


This little pup followed me around at a safe distance, while I crept though the bushes, looking for birds. Where are the damn birds? Haven't seen too many migrants moving through the island yet. Soon.
What else is new? The Korean weather, much like Korean holiday-makers, decided that Sept. 1st was the end of summer. On August 31st, the beaches and other holiday spots are jam-packed, but once Sept. 1st rolls around, the beaches are empty. Good for me. Similarly, at midnight on August 31st, the temperature spontaneously drops 7 degrees. Mysterious. Maybe my life is The Truman Show.
Other news? Sure. Kristie Lu Stout is still my #1 CNN crush, but Anna Coren is moving up in the standings. I've been working on a new shoebox filled with dead squirrels, and I'm almost finished, but I'm torn as to who I'll send it to.
Why CNN? No choice. It is awful though, watching these charmless old men stammer about crap with a grin. Mann is the worst. "Das ist CNN." I miss James Earl Jones.
What else? Battle Royale, a Japanese movie, is bloody perfect. Bruno was pretty good, but I had higher hopes for some reason. I prefer the Bruno bits from the Ali G show. Public Enemy wasn't bad, but I'm embarassed to say I watched it alone in the theatre. I slunk out at the end, hat brim pulled low.
Babbling. Been reading again lately. JFK biography by Robert Dallek (Thanks tyrann-E). It's long. Still don't like fiction. Maybe I'll finish that book I started writing one day, but not looking good right now, it's been 8 months since I touched its imperfection.
Anything Yes. I have to wash the dishes and lose 10 pounds.