Sunday, 18 May 2014


Lookit that, it's clever.

Wicked construction site signs


A thought came to me the other day as I contemplated road rage for the 3rd time in five minutes.  Life and traffic are very similar:  We're all trying to get somewhere, and problems are caused by dickheads who get in our way.  In the broadest possible sense, of course.

IV bags, Mayhem, snake

Dione Ratsnake
Recycle THIS!
Big ups to the Seohong Massive
Or are they colostomy bags?  Just a day in the life of Seohong-dong, the shittiest hood in all of Korea.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Signs of May


A month feels like a week when you blink too hard.
  Quick update.  I went to Mara-do every weekend for most of March and April, to look for birds.  Haven't been in a few weeks, a bit bit burned out on Mara.  I've picked up maybe five lifers this spring.  Compared to maybe 35 last spring.  Can't complain though.
  I'm a bit sick, so rambling.  Tick tick two weeks left.

Hunka jaw

Life is like a hunka jaw.  Geez, it's been another year.  In Korea.  Time to leave again forever.  'Poodle Hackles' would be a good band name.  Or 'The Slated Four'.  Or not.