Friday, 28 September 2012

Gangnam Style socks

Oppan Gangnam socks.

Here they are!  Bam!  Email me and I'll send you some.  People seem to just love this little cherub.  I ate a lot of chips tonight.  That is all.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Hey!  It's the...Motel SS.  Yikes.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy time

  This paper cup cheered me up, so it did.
  The Jehova's Witnesses came to my door the other day.  Thankfully I was wearing my most demonic Motorhead shirt at the time.  Problem solved, boom.
  Another problem I cheekily solved recently was 'The case of the howling little t-shirt wearing dog right outside my goddamn window at 6am'.  I grabbed my supersoaker (yeah I have a supersoaker on standby, so what?) and pumped it so full of air it was quivering, then waited for that little fucker to run past my window again.  "Run past my window again howling at 6am again, mothafucka!",  I seethed.  Two minutes later, the 'dog' obliged.  I led my target and aimed a half foot in front of it, as any good flight-simulator player does, and unloaded 2/3 of the water tank right into that bug-eyed little face.  The dog stopped when I did this, squinted, and walked off shakily, looking back at me with a hurt 'Why'd you DO that?' look on its face.  I fired off the last third into the dog's stupid t-shirt for good measure as it left. Winning.


I am the king of sticks
Best stinkbug ever
  Had a picnic at Mundong Waterfall yesterday, good times.  I chased cave kittens into their cave and found a cool stinkbug.
  I've been reading a ton of books lately.  That is good.

Three stupid cars in a row

  This is a Korean police APB!  We are looking for an escaped murderer, last spotted in a metallic mustard Matiz.  His accomplice was last seen in a mid-sized white car, the two are wanted in... ah, y'know what, never mind.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


This cat loved scratching my dirty boots so much that it smiled.  I picked it up and discovered that it was more tube than cat.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Chang-e & Won-e

  The mascots for the city of Changwon are named Chang-e and Won-e.  That's so fuckin' weak.

Tyhpoon? Tyfun.

Roof failure - it's hanging in the wires

My jogging path flooded


Scooter dominoes

Uselessly storm-taped windows

My sarcastically-taped windows.  

Wind, can't you see?

Mirage 250, unseated

CitiAce 110, unseated

Oh, the humanity

That's what you get for building a shelter to look like a sail
  Typhoon Sanba came through fast and gruff, and left like a little kitty cat.  Pretty windy and rainy for a while, scoots getting knocked over, a roof ripped off down the road and some minor flooding, but nothing too crazy.  I've actually had quite a pleasant and different sort of day today.  Tyfun!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


  This cat has got his life well sorted.  Go cat go!  That's the valley I tried to hike over once, before I ended up getting lost and had to eat sweet sweet mountain ice.


It's Crunky.

Force-feed that newborn germs!

Glurb!  Mrrrfff!  Blipps!
  Do it!  Ha ha.  Pretty quiet out there, but Sanba is looming off the coast of Jeju, looking pretty nasty.  Gonna be an interesting Monday.

Typhoon Sanba...inbound

Gohyeon harbour uncharacteristically full of ships at anchor.  And a Grey Heron.

Hey that's me

  This one is fixin' to sideswipe Jeju then smash Korea's south coast between Namhae and...Geoje.  Wait, I live on Geoje.  Ok, this time I'm gonna tape up my windows like a good Korean.  Let's do this.  Let's roll!  Oh yeah, I do know there are easier ways to take a screen grab, but I roll old school.  Click!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shit happy!

Shit happy, people!  Fart!  Poop!  Plopsplash!  Hee hee hee!  Ha ha ha!  Ho ho ho!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Terror


Zennin, irie
A wee popped Dione Ratsnake

So wee
 Drivin n adventurin, innit.  Geoje's aiight sometimes.

99 bottles of soju on the wall

Sexy as ever

Gohyeon harbor at night, from Parrotbill Mountain.  Spooky up there with no flashlight...

If one falls down, buy a few more, they're only 75 cents

Typhoon postscript

A typhoon, believe it or not

Schwacking Jeju

Storm-taped windows

Scoots knocked over by wind
  I forgot, Bolaven killed a couple of folks up in Gwangju.  One was hit by a falling church bell.  If that isn't a big 'Fuck you.' from God, I dunno what is.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Seoul, before

Jeppuh himself!

63 Building - meh

  Yeah, went to Seoul a couple weekends ago.  Did Seoul stuff, ate Seoul food.  Seoul never changes.  Memories.  Ghosts.  Seoul is meh.  Bought a ton of books, fall always gets me in a reading mood.  I'm never buying a Kindle, that's weak.  Saw Jeppuh.  Jeppuh!  I wonder if I'll ever go back to Jeju?  Praps one day.  Climbed Parrotbill Mountain alone last night.  It was creepy and sweaty going up.  I flashlight ran back down.

No shamanism

  Shamen are worse than teenagers - get outta here I said!  Shoo!
  Time marches on.  On September 1st in Korea the weather instantly switches from muggy and hot to crisp and gorgeous blue.  Korea doesn't fuck around with seasons, nuh-uh.  Bring on summumn 2012.