Tuesday, 21 October 2014

DK scenic-type pics

Fanø Island
I now hate llamas
Esbjerg - bleak yet hopeful
Esbjerg Strand

  The Danes sometimes make a strange sound when they want to wordlessly signal the affirmative.  The sound is a gasping 'Yoh!', or 'Yohm!'.  I don't like it.
  But most other things in Denmark are cool.  Except the paying 60% taxes I guess.  Most people seem pretty happy though.  Skål.  Yawmp!

DK randoms

East German vehicle, built like a brick shitter

I didn't realize I'd been to Ebeltoft 10 years earlier until I saw the Frigatten Jylland

Our temporary backyard in Havnbjerg

Wants it
20's tile
Double rainbow all the way

  Back in the UK now, innit.  Almost didn't get back in because it seems like a job prerequisite at border services is being a total cunt.  Ah well, he was funny looking anyway.
  I've done a fair bit of world travelling, and in all the places I've been, there is one universal theme.  No, it's not camaraderie, hate, love, or anything like that.  It's that there is always dried spit on the screen at ATMs.  What the fuck is that about?