Sunday, 14 September 2014




Keeping the pressing room clean
I love Husqvarna

Young vines, no grapes for a year or two yet
My view for four days
Tying vines

My back hurts just looking at this picture - try doing that 4,000 times in a row

After and before pruning
Well-worn Austrian surplus pants

Jan de-stemming grapes

De-stemmed grapes
Patiently waiting to become wine
We've been working at a vineyard south of Aalborg for the past week.  It was backbreaking at first, and I guess leg/knee-busting as well.  But now I am strong, like viking farmer.  The pruning was the worst - I started on my feet, moved to one knee, then both, and by the third day I was sitting on my ass and crawling on all fours between plants.  This week the harvesting has begun.  Good times.
  Riding mowers are the best.

Signs of Denmark


In Denmark, bros do not come before hos.

I'm back in jolly old Denmark, in what is bafflingly my third trip to this funny little country.  Working at a vineyard, more on that soon.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Peaks pub eats

Pub food is the besssssst.  After eating the steak pie, I couldn't really think or walk straight for a few hours, and my veins were full of gravy.  And the amount of cheese in that cheese plate thing was obscene.  Hmph.  They oughta be ashamed.  Then I ate all the cheese.

Signs o England o late

The lederhosen dance


After one has had a few camping drinks and tucked one's pants into one's socks, one must naturally do the lederhosen dance.  Flick through them, it'll animate.  Make it a .gif, sent it to friends, family, colleagues.

Peak district, Derbyshire


After the Lakes, we went to the Peaks for some camping, because fuck it, we're unemployed.  We stepped in a whole lot of cow shit.  And then a bird shit on me.