Sunday, 14 September 2014


Keeping the pressing room clean
I love Husqvarna

Young vines, no grapes for a year or two yet
My view for four days
Tying vines

My back hurts just looking at this picture - try doing that 4,000 times in a row

After and before pruning
Well-worn Austrian surplus pants

Jan de-stemming grapes

De-stemmed grapes
Patiently waiting to become wine
We've been working at a vineyard south of Aalborg for the past week.  It was backbreaking at first, and I guess leg/knee-busting as well.  But now I am strong, like viking farmer.  The pruning was the worst - I started on my feet, moved to one knee, then both, and by the third day I was sitting on my ass and crawling on all fours between plants.  This week the harvesting has begun.  Good times.
  Riding mowers are the best.

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