Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Seoul rage

The mysterious garbage-filled apartment
PBM's hood at dusk
Bomb-ass Mexican
Heading up the infamous 'hill' to Polly's
Polly's soju kettle - I would highly recommend NEVER drinking one of these
He got GTA5 and he's...doing fucking YOGA
I went up to Seoul a couple weekends ago to rage it up with Piss-Bottle-Man.  Always a laugh, innit.  Good to hang with a bro.  I bought a sweet army parka.  U.S. woodland cam.  It'll be good for birding, because I like birding.

September circumnav


Cracking dingers at Pyeoson secret beach
Badass bamboo bend

No trip to Jeju's northeast coast would be complete with out a trip to the fabulous...

Shit-eating wall!
Random little beach
Where we ate Jeju black pig quesadillas - sick
Well about a month ago, I did a circumnav with young David Schwimmer, I guess because his 'friends' were out of town.  We went east (I usually go west on a circumnav, so the damn sun isn't in my eyes all day).  Good day out, I love riding of course.  We stopped at Gwakji to camp, but I opted out at the last minute and drove over the mountain and ate McDonald's, drank many beers and watched Boardwalk Empire.  Beats the fuck out of waking up at 7am in a boiling-ass tent.



These are from last moth, because I'm lazy.  So lazy I won't even go back and change 'moth' to 'month'.  MOTHS!  MOTHS!

Signage lately

The kids seems to love these Africa chimp smokes
Sooooo, there are THREE tranny bars in Seogwipo, apparently

I like this
I've figured it out - life is a pimp.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Typhoon fizzler

That's what  you get for attaching a sail to your bike
Chunk of wall collapsed into the river

Never seen so many boats in harbour
Oh, the humanity
I don't know why I'm disappointed when typhoons fizzle.  But they never seem to strike where I'm at with force.  Maybe I need to be reminded I'm alive or something.  Anyway, I did my best to get knocked around in nature's Fight Club.  I walked around in the thick of Typhoon Danas.  It was windy and rainy, and I got wet and wind-blown, but nothing crazy.  I was looking for an apocalyptic, climb to the mountain top and scream at an ominous black eye-wall 900m tall before it mercifully wipes Seogwipo into the sea kind of moment.  Ah well, there's always beer.