Thursday, 24 May 2012

Socks of awesome

  To my unending delight, I was recently handed these socks.  Best socks ever.  Well, the best socks ever were the pair of Obama socks I lovingly wore to shreds a year or so back, but these ones are a close second to fifth (3rd-10th?).
  From left to right, we have : The pop-off head-explosion bear socks; the God!! socks; the 'My life is so sad I have to drink soju' bear socks; and the nipple-nosed grouch-looking guy eating up my feet socks.  Oh, happy day!


  1. Can I solicit socks from that guy too? I'll pay top won. We are definitely far behind the Koreans when it comes to hosiery.

  2. They were a heartfelt gift. You want some?