Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birdin' Buse

Old Busan

Matchee matchee!

Mines beyond the fence

JP scopes the helicopter landing pad

Like me, not a morning person
  Here are some pics from my fruitless Busan birding jaunt to Busan with JP last weekend.  On the subject of fruitless birding jaunts, I went to an island and bushwacked some steep valleys yesterday...plenty of grumpy dogs but still no spring birds.  It's creepy and it makes me sad.
  I don't like cafes, never have.  Now and then I find myself having to kill time in a cafe on my own, and I always do dumb, clumsy shit when in that situation.  One time I drank my tea wrong - it was in some contraption, and I did it all wrong, and everyone watching probably thought that was just great.  Last week, in front of a table of giggling young Korean guys dressed like Peter Pan, I stood up and smashed my head into an overhanging light that was, in my opinion, not placed in a great spot.  Maybe I'm too tall for this country.  The peephole in my apartment is four feet off the ground.  In my best Pee-wee Herman voice, I said "I meant to do that," and walked away like a champion.

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