Monday, 7 May 2012

Japandemonium - Tanuki-mania!

Look at me plums!

'Bewildered facial expression'

My very own tanuki.  Love.

Dance, with a giant maniacal tanuki in NYC, Nov 2011
  Tanuki are mythical and mischevious shape-shifting racoon-dogs.  They have big bellies, bigger nutsacks, and are known to hold an IOU in one hand and a jug of sake in the other.  I love tanukis.  I bought one, and I spent the night polishing my tanuki.  You heard me.  I wasn't able to visit the tanuki shrine in Kyoto due to logistical reasons, but I'll get there further on down the road.  Tanuki is said to wear 'a bewildered facial expression' as he is easily duped.  I love my tanuki.
  There's a great book that features tanuki as a character called Villa Incognito, for the readers out there.  I'm hurting for a good book right now.  I'm lost without a book to read.
  Mike from Jeju, I saw you sent me a comment but I managed to delete it without reading it - I'm blaming the shitty new Blogger dashboard layout.  Sorry, please re-comment.
  Have I mentioned that I love my tanuki?

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