Thursday, 27 June 2013

Good grinds/bad pulp

Lunch spread at So-Ban
More junk food 
Been going for good grinds (lunch) with D-money of late, good times.  The only problem is that sometimes my fussy stomach isn't quite prepared for a spread like this for lunch, or breakfast for that matter.  In any case, it cleans out the system.  Super colon blow.  Like the scene in Van Wilder where m'man fires off a brown laser beam into a trash can while screaming "I'm bleeding!"
  Heck, watch it now, you're welcome(100,000+ people can't be wrong): "Dear God, that's wretched."
  Also, I'm in bad need of some good books.  This is the crap I'm reading right now, for want of something better.  Don't get me wrong, I love trashy dollar-bin dreck like this.  Good, guilty reading.  I used to read seedy sniper thrillers with alarming regularity when I wore a younger man's Chucks.
  The Smiths - listening to them a lot again, I'm afraid.

Do not make regretful things that your family and friends feel sad by acceidental mistakes.

This shoulda coulda gone in that other post.  I actually think I posted this exact sign up two or so years ago.  No matter.
  Jeppuh finally mailed me my cleatsboots from Seoul, so it's time to stop sleeping in until 11:30 every morning (hey, it's been rainy), and start kicking a soccer ball around Geolmae again.  I live uber close to Geolmae now.  Now all I need is a soccer ball.  I'll be fucked if I'm buying another Jabulani, so I just need to find a lost ball.  For some reason, no one on Jeju loses their balls like their do with absurd regularity on Geoje.  What a strange little country this is.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Abandonned Magma rotting into the weeds
Daystar that reminds me of Big Joel's
Slightly overloaded 50

A murdered-out VS with every possible accessory - I still like it
I still don't have a chopper, I may try to rent a scoot off someone for a bit.  I need a scoot.  :(
  I hear a cat caterwauling outside almost every night.  If it was a dog barking, I'd be pissed, but a cat shrieking away is somehow cute to me.  It's fine.
  The old guy that runs the supah down the street seems to make up a new price for stuff every time I make purchases.  The other day he charged me 3$ for three beers, so that works for me.  He gets increasingly flustered as more items get plopped down on the counter, and a look of panic flashes across his face.  Then he just thinks 'fuck it' and pulls a number out of his ass, roughly based on the volume of items covering the counter.  Gotta love it.  I'm sure it all evens out in the end.
  The other day a different old guy walked up to the counter and bought a mickey of soju and a rooty Korean energy drink.  He pounded back the soju in two gulps, and washed it down with the smaller bottle of root.  He smacked his lips and walked out with a grin and a twinkle.  I was amazed and appalled all at once.

Weekends, birds

Halla bong
Jungmun surf contest - first time since 2002 with actual waves
Oh, Best

It's not the leaving of Liverpool that's grieving me
Trippin on P-flys
 I had a solid Jeju weekend.  Lazy basketball, falling asleep on Jungmun Beach, then a birthday party in Wimi with chingus old and new.  Night jams in the harbour.  Sunday saw birding with ole Balfizzles near Jungmun with great results.  See the bird blog for bird details, names, measurements, turn-ons.

Signs this week lately these days

OFF! FAMILY (keeps families off, heh heh)
This shoe store used to be a Cool Hof

Seoul random signs n stuff from uhhhh, like a month ago

Yuck, I think
Getting teabagged all day by Col. Sanders = (T_T)
You should try this AWESOME NUTS! LOL

Roof filled with garbage
How we roll at PBM's pad

Lomance towel
Sick meat buffet at Mammoth
Here's some old stuff, innit.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Soggy randoms yojum

Looking Soggy south - my old apt on the horizon
Japanese Paradise Flycatcher habitat 
My new apartment

Back where I belong.  Why do my calves  look like bulldogs?
Some waygook pussy painted over the sweet American flag gas tank on this once-sweet VS - lame
Seogwipo harbour
Somehow, I've bled into my shoe
Reunited, southside
A pimp Italian air hockey table
  I'm debating throwing an open mic next month at a former expat hangout (long since forgotten), but the kind with maximum audience participation/fun.  Music trivia, erotic balloon sculpting contest, terrible drunken sing-along songs, shit like that.  Fuck it, I'm doing it.
  Why does anyone leave Jeju?
  I need a bike.

Take time... stop and enjoy the moth wings, innit.
  Fuck, y'know who rocks?  Tom Petty.  That guy just rocks nations.
  Oh shit: 'I'm learning to fly but I ain't got wings', I totally didn't plan that.  Situational symmetry, dude, whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Soggy eats of late

Mixin up a batch of infamous 'Udo Incident' chili
So wait, just how did a Quattro go from 11$ to 18$ in two years?  Fuck.
Meat leather and packing foam snackies
Moksal (neck meat) joint where Cobain and I once got caught by our boss with like 11 bottles on beer on our table on a work night
Kogi guksu - this dish alone is worth coming back to Jeju for
  I feel like taking pictures of the food one eats has become a crass/annoying trend of late, but fuck it.  This is my house.
  Currently sucking on an Old Bastard Gold and loving the humid life, the two go hand in hand I suppose.  I think I'm rambling.