Thursday, 13 June 2013

Soggy this week

Lunch at The Office
Soggy harbour

New stuff, old
Ajosshis: endless classiness
Mr. Kim will wait forever for me
Ring stinger
A sweet looking army surplus store I need to frequent

Old Bastard gold - my favourite
Mist screen
Sweet sweet Halla Bong
Adding a puck of noodles to the kimchi jiggae
Geolmae, sight of morning footy with Cobain past
What's new?  Mosquitoes, but I kill em lots.  Spicy foods that sting rings.  Walks through familiar locales that no longer feel nostalgic, because I'm here now.  The first weekend of ghosts sucked.  Halla Bongs, foggy nights.  Halla San and her comforting outline in the haze.  Was that a haiku?  Geez.

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