Thursday, 20 June 2013

Soggy eats of late

Mixin up a batch of infamous 'Udo Incident' chili
So wait, just how did a Quattro go from 11$ to 18$ in two years?  Fuck.
Meat leather and packing foam snackies
Moksal (neck meat) joint where Cobain and I once got caught by our boss with like 11 bottles on beer on our table on a work night
Kogi guksu - this dish alone is worth coming back to Jeju for
  I feel like taking pictures of the food one eats has become a crass/annoying trend of late, but fuck it.  This is my house.
  Currently sucking on an Old Bastard Gold and loving the humid life, the two go hand in hand I suppose.  I think I'm rambling.

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