Thursday, 27 June 2013

Do not make regretful things that your family and friends feel sad by acceidental mistakes.

This shoulda coulda gone in that other post.  I actually think I posted this exact sign up two or so years ago.  No matter.
  Jeppuh finally mailed me my cleatsboots from Seoul, so it's time to stop sleeping in until 11:30 every morning (hey, it's been rainy), and start kicking a soccer ball around Geolmae again.  I live uber close to Geolmae now.  Now all I need is a soccer ball.  I'll be fucked if I'm buying another Jabulani, so I just need to find a lost ball.  For some reason, no one on Jeju loses their balls like their do with absurd regularity on Geoje.  What a strange little country this is.

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