Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Full-sized Lego man

  Korean construction workers bust these guys out when then need to nip 'round the corner for a wee dram of soju.  No one usually notices.
  When I was in grade one, a classmate helpfully suggested that I try to eat a piece of blue chalk.  I abided, and chomped away on the chalk.  After eating maybe a third, I saw the teacher coming, and ditched the chalk.  She stood over me, and asked "Were you eating blue chalk?"  There was blue chalk all over my face and lips.  I looked at her, and said "No." in an innocent little voice.  The moral of this story is that it tasted better than white chalk.


  1. maybe thats what makes blue koolaid!

  2. why dont you post the blog to your facebook?

  3. Chalk is good in stir-fry. Facebook is stupid these days, and I don't wanna bombard people with my mean-spirited and self-centered musings if they don't want to be. :o