Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Birding 'round Busan

Raccoon Dog tracks - next time, Tanuki, next time...
Female Daurian Redstart (my spirit guide)

Black-eared Kite - Badass

Common Reed Bunting at sundown
Cold poser at Igidae

Cliffs of Igidae, Busan 'Centum City' looming

This tree was a giggler

JP: badass Texan punk-rock bird nerd


Scoping for Reed Buntings

Sunset at Eulsuk-do

  I finally met JP, a fellow foreign birder living near Busan.  He's a cool dude, we shared some laughs during the course of a long day of birding at Igidae and Eulsuk-do.  It's always good to compare notes with other birders, especially in Korea, where it often feels like you're the only birder in the world.  Which isn't always a bad thing.  We were a bit 'out of bounds' at Eulsuk-do, so we kept having to dive into the reeds to hide from passing dump trucks, which was fun.  I spotted a Water Deer, but missed out on the Amur Leopard Cats and  Raccoon Dogs (big-balled Tanukis!) that inhabit Eulsuk-do.  Shitballs.  Next time.
  I got cable, which means Discovery Channel once more.  Ahhh, soothing documentaries about marsupials and Hitler's rocket program.  I haven't watched the news in a couple of months, and it doesn't look like I've missed out on too much.  People are still assholes to one another, all over the world.


  1. That's the chubbiest Daurian Redstart yet.
    Also, nice vehicle you got there. Get into the choppah!

  2. They get chubbier. Yeah, the hog is badass. I'm gonna paint an American flag on the tank. Lemmy.