Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ice-eat Mountain vs.Corsica = conspiracy?

  Ice-eat Mountain, when viewed from above, looks disturbingly like Corsica, a place I dearly love.  George Noori needs to start looking into this shit, I think it means something, more than mashed potatoes do.


  1. How did you figure that out? When did you go to Corsica? Why is my name Buttwinkler?

  2. I went to Corsica in...I'm gonna say the late 90's. Badass little island, full of thieves and rebels. Napoleon was born there. I sunburned my legs there, badly. The Corsican map figures heavily in the tourist junk they sell, partly because it looks like a thumbs up. I had a t-shirt with the Corsican outline on it, so it's seared into my memory, undestroyed by alcohol. Your name is Buttwinkler because you were swapping each other behind the boards over there, before Frank, that fuck, checked out.