Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Morning thunder!!!

Sniffing tailpipes to get friendly

Biggest helmet on Earth

Spooning out front
  Too many exclamation points?  Never!!!!!!  After taking off the yellow basket (I know, I know, it was cool, but it had to go), Amadeus and I took a little test drive up the coast.  I need better gloves.  My bike isn't exactly the youngest girl at the party, but I shined her up, and she's looking aiight.  I'm definitely going to paint an American flag on the tank.
  So it turns out I'm pretty good at shifting up, and I'm getting a handle on downshifting on hills, but I'm still Stally McStallerson when starting her up and at red lights, so I'm going to need a few more days of around-the-block test drives before I do any circumnavs.  I was worried about the weight, but it felt very light and natural in the corners.
  When we were done our war ride, we went to the 'Sweet Buns Cafe' and drank hazelnut coffee, while trying to redeem our manhood by talking in gruff voices about gears and oil.

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