Monday, 30 January 2012

Geoje POW camp museum

A massive fibreglass tank

Hey, there's Mao!

And m'man Joe!

Dioramas!  Booyeah!

Lookit, I'm a miserable prisoner!  Cheese!

Young Joe Pantoliano

The most useless giant fibreglass helmet ever

Hey!  Where are you from!?

Another fairly useless giant fibreglass helmet

That city back there?  All camp, in the day.


This happened to me last week, exactly this.

Most of the actual camp ruins can be found outside of the museum, down the road.

  Last weekend I checked out the hokey POW camp museum just down the road with a new pal...we'll call him Young Joe Pantoliano.  The entire Gohyeon valley, which today houses a city, was filled with commie prisoners during the war.  Korean museums love their wacky dioramas, and hell, who doesn't love a good diorama?  There were quite a few disconcertingly pointless fibreglass structures on the premises, such as a massive tank housing...drum escalator flanked by cardboard dictators.  And massive fibreglass helmets housing a few poorly-written paragraphs in a display case.  I guess I'm critical to the point of being mean.

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