Sunday, 29 January 2012

U2 - Van Diemen's Land

  The Edge!  Screw Bono, The Edge is what time it's at.  I have a vague memory of getting really drunk one night, years ago, and writing a letter to The Edge asking him what guitar effect he was using on some song.  I'm not too sure if I actually sent the letter, but I'd be curious to read that letter now.  I watched Killing Bono the other day, it was aiight.
  This song always gets me.  It sounds good on the mando.  Oh, I jammed with a banjo guy last week at a nearby bar, good times.  We did Dirty Old Town, Wagon Wheel, and something else I sure forget.  He's leaving soon, hopefully there are other folks to jam with.  Rock!
  I'm drinking kava tea, praying for sleep.

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