Monday, 30 January 2012

Nothing but camp

That city there on the right...

...was a massive POW camp during the war...

...and a sleepy-ish town in 1980 (bottom)
  What I found most interesting at the museum, apart from the never-ending shit buckets and barbed-wire flails, was the fact that a 'modern' city now stands where a camp housing 450,000 prisoners once stood.  In pictures from 1980, the city is barely there yet.  More fuel for my rants about how disgusting and haphazard so much of Korean urban architecture is.  No Korean city has an actual skyline, but an endless jumble of concrete slab monoliths tarted up with a cut-paste facade of interchangable yet identity-free storefronts: Family Mart, meat restaurant, brothel, bar, kindergarten, Face street...copy and paste, ad nauseum.  Wow, must be time for bed, listen to this nonsense.

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