Sunday, 29 April 2012


  Boiled silkworm larvae.  Smells like shit, takes like shit, Koreans love the shit.

Birdin' Goj

  I still can't find that passerine honey hole on Geoje.  I was spoiled on Jeju when it came to 'my patch'.  I'll keep looking, but peak migration season is almost over.  Good scenery though, f'sure.  Maybe the good migrants just didn't make it to this neck of the woods this year.  JP and I blanked at Taejeongdae in Busan on Saturday - nothing.

Cruisin' Goj

  I wouldn't recommend riding a clutch bike with one hand while taking video.  I got new filters and an oil change for Ol Curves, and she's purring nicely.  When I say purring, I mean rattling like a bucket of nails.  Sweet sweet music.
  Full-ass weekend.  Next weekend?  Japandemonium!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tsushima Smooth Skink

Almost a good picture of one.

Gangly Geoje-do Goatlets

  Say that three times fast.
  The other day I was happily tucking into my convenient and delicious plate of tuna on crackers when, on some TV show, someone made a crack about  how his friend was about to lose all his money and be forced to eat tuna and crackers all the time.  I was like 'Hey-eyyyyyy!'.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Supercat smokes

  Koreans love their smokes.  Hard to find a Korean man that doesn't have a pack of skinny darts close at hand.  Can't go wrong when they cost as much as a bag of chips.  Oh, here's a rant for Resolute.  One thing Korean men have perfected is the 'smokes-butt-in'.  Almost every single time I'm at a convenience store, in the middle of a transaction mind you, a shifty Korean man with exact change dangling from his fat trembling finger-nubs will attempt to snaffle his way in front of me and get his fucking smokes.  I don't allow it to happen, and they always look at me like I just shit in their grandmother's mouth when I scold them.  'It'suh MY cunt-uh-lee!', they glare.  Wait in line like a civilized person, fuckface.
  One time a hideous Korean man-o-lantern pulled this shenanigan at a BANK, and walked in front of me, in the middle of my dealio, and started up his own dealio with the meek, feckless teller.  I fucking lost my shit up in there.  Frothed.
  Anyway, these smokes are cute.  Almost as cute as the 'Glamour' brand smokes they market to girls - small packs covered in pastel flowers.  I'll get a pic.  Good old Asia, anything goes, innit.

A giant thing of floating garbage

  It was glorious.  Very 'Star Wars trash compactor'.
  I feel more boring here on Geoje, when compared with Jeju.  Not bored - boring.

Abstraction of sludge

  Field scum!  Arty.  Time flies when yr gettin' old.  But yeah, the time she flies.  What's new?  This n that.  Going birding in the morning, if I can resist the urge to hit snooze all morning.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Signs of Okpo

Sin?  In Okpo?  Never.

-Drunken man do not allowed to enter
-Do not play with the balls

Then the fire comes out of your ass the next day

Reminds me of the grosteques Dance and Resolute used to draw...g'fort!
  I'm awake.  This unfortunate condition is the result of me being completely and utterly destroyed by a mosquito.  Killed the bitch, but the grim constellation of welts coupled with the paltry amount of blood in the squishsplat leads me to believe that a second mogie was involved.  I'm sure I'll find out about that in a few minutes.  I was looking for something more along these lines:

Birds of the day. Then toads - eating and rooting.

Black Kite, the meanest-looking badass

Black Woodpigeon, NBD

Arctic Loons?

Arctic Loons!

Kestrel messing a smaller kid up

Fire-bellied Toad sex - always confusing

Fire-bellied Toad cannibalistic blood orgy - always fun 

More confusing toadsex

  We saw about a dozen Black Woodpigeons, and a few other good birds, but the main waves of sexy migrants are running late.  Tardy.  Ah, in a flooded gun emplacement we found a mass of sexually-active Fire-bellied Toads.  There was also a cannibalistic feeding-frenzy going on.  Always good for a laugh.  Hyuk!

Birdin with JP

Black Woodpigeon Island

God's gift to birds

Addicted to pose-ahol

Old Japanese bunker-type shiz

Coastal gun mount

Extreeeeme birding!

Captain of the Bird Nightwatch

It's hard work being stupid

  JP came out to the Goj uber-early on Saturday, and we got our fill of Black Woodpigeons, when we weren't busy posing like ninnies and acting the fool.  Sunday was quieter, bird-wise.  Birds!  I learned that Mexican ajosshis make a high-pitched 'Ah-ha-ha-ha-hooooy!' sound when drinking, and that Ewoks are real.  Always good times with J-Pizzles.