Monday, 23 April 2012

Supercat smokes

  Koreans love their smokes.  Hard to find a Korean man that doesn't have a pack of skinny darts close at hand.  Can't go wrong when they cost as much as a bag of chips.  Oh, here's a rant for Resolute.  One thing Korean men have perfected is the 'smokes-butt-in'.  Almost every single time I'm at a convenience store, in the middle of a transaction mind you, a shifty Korean man with exact change dangling from his fat trembling finger-nubs will attempt to snaffle his way in front of me and get his fucking smokes.  I don't allow it to happen, and they always look at me like I just shit in their grandmother's mouth when I scold them.  'It'suh MY cunt-uh-lee!', they glare.  Wait in line like a civilized person, fuckface.
  One time a hideous Korean man-o-lantern pulled this shenanigan at a BANK, and walked in front of me, in the middle of my dealio, and started up his own dealio with the meek, feckless teller.  I fucking lost my shit up in there.  Frothed.
  Anyway, these smokes are cute.  Almost as cute as the 'Glamour' brand smokes they market to girls - small packs covered in pastel flowers.  I'll get a pic.  Good old Asia, anything goes, innit.


  1. I love a good snaffling man-o-lantern rant.

  2. Heh, I'll try to have a couple a month, for you.