Monday, 25 March 2013

Monster truck extreeeeeme!

This fuckin truck is extreeeeme!  Check those RIMS!  Extreme decals!

Thursday, 21 March 2013


  JIG-A-LOO!  I think it's hairspray for fans of the Insane Clown Posse who enjoy Irish dancing in the bathroom.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

St. Pat's parade

My father on bass drum
  It was freezing balls.  I wisely chose to wear Chucks, and I literally couldn't feel my feet after an hour.  The Guiness sitting on the rim of my can froze.  There were wizards, drunks, and horses wearing hats.  My father played bass drum with the Black Watch, too.

Jams of late

  Oh I forgot, we jammed like maniacs both days.  Lotsa Irish tunes.  Yossarian's brother let me play his sick Gold Tone F mando.  Holy shit.  When I play my fake Korean Texas teardrop my fingers hurt afterwards, and there's always a lot of tuning to do.  When I played this beast, my fingers felt better, and the strings were playing my fingers, if that makes any sense.  Geez, what's with the always-hat?  Dunno.
  Jammed briefly with Dance on Sunday as well, in a Merciless Shrikes session.  We did Country Roads.  Good tune.

Weekend up north

Luke, I'm your father.  Noooo!
Sausage party!

Melted maple butter in the snow
CAR!  Street hockey is the best.
Guiness in the morning
The egg station
Green bread
  I went up to Yossarian's place for a couple of days to help prepare for an insane St-Pat's party.  He had me cooking 108 sausages and slicing up a massive ham.  Then there was the bacon.  My fingers tasted great by the end of it.  Tons of people showed up the next day, mostly married couples with their kids.  Then there was me.  So I grasshopper hop-hop-hopped my way out to the woods and birded for a few hours.  I'm still sore from the three hours of street hockey.  The team surrendering a goal was forced to drink a shot of Jameson.  I was goalie and I let in quite a few goals, but there's no correlation there.
  The next day, less than a kilometre down the road, an audacious helicopter jailbreak occurred.  I had nothing to do with that shit, but it sounds cool.

It's spring tomorrow

'Special' hot chocolate and leopard-print - the manly man's way to fight the cold
  But that doesn't mean that 40cm of snow aren't in order.  S'all good though.
  Plans solidifying for next month.  Heading to islands.  Full of birds.  All day, every day.  Booyeah!  Irie, too.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


  I first spotted this cucumber a few weeks ago, when it was sticking out of a large snow bank, propped up proudly.  Now it finds itself on the edge of the sidewalk, bloated and forgotten.  It's the saddest thing I've seen in months.


  I haven't been in the 514 in spring for a while.  It's now that wonderful time when the snow melts, revealing a winter's worth of melting dog shit, and creating massive puddles of water brackish with road salt.  Ahhhh, breathe it in - it smells like the ocean took a shit.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another orange ball

Fuji Bong
  I recently had an ersatz Halla Bong.  The shape and overall texture/taste were quite similar, though this one was called a 'Sumo'.  Halla Bong means 'The nipple at the top of Mount Halla'.  Anyhow, the skin was way more porous and lumpy (not shiny and tough like a HB), and the after taste was a lot sweeter than a HB.  But it was good.
  I will eat a Halla Bong on Jeju again.  Onje?  Cheel wol.  Amado.
  Here are my musings on Halla Bongs from exactly two years ago.  Almost.

My Ball(s)

Leonard Cohen afterworld.  What?!
  The best poutine in Montreal comes from here.  The big orange ball.  Oh fuck, another picture of food.  Poutine isn't a food really, it's more of a drug, so it's cool.

Getcher balls'a rollin'

Dance's scuttling shorebird delivery
Nice hat, I approve
Studying the dino-globe
The classic.  Up the Jeju!
Balls-fitti.  Yeah, those are some great balls!

 I wore my extra-special lime-green Jeju bowling hoodie to go bowling here in the 514.  The Rose Bowl hasn't changed a bit since I was young - smells the same.  Anyway, the hoodie worked, I still had some of my Jeju bowling form left in me.
  Jeju.  I've been moaning about how much I miss Soggy, and I'm always comparing things to Jeju.  Especially poor second-rate Geoje, which never measured up to badass Jeju.  Maybe I should just...go back.