Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Getcher balls'a rollin'

Dance's scuttling shorebird delivery
Nice hat, I approve
Studying the dino-globe
The classic.  Up the Jeju!
Balls-fitti.  Yeah, those are some great balls!

 I wore my extra-special lime-green Jeju bowling hoodie to go bowling here in the 514.  The Rose Bowl hasn't changed a bit since I was young - smells the same.  Anyway, the hoodie worked, I still had some of my Jeju bowling form left in me.
  Jeju.  I've been moaning about how much I miss Soggy, and I'm always comparing things to Jeju.  Especially poor second-rate Geoje, which never measured up to badass Jeju.  Maybe I should just...go back.

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