Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another orange ball

Fuji Bong
  I recently had an ersatz Halla Bong.  The shape and overall texture/taste were quite similar, though this one was called a 'Sumo'.  Halla Bong means 'The nipple at the top of Mount Halla'.  Anyhow, the skin was way more porous and lumpy (not shiny and tough like a HB), and the after taste was a lot sweeter than a HB.  But it was good.
  I will eat a Halla Bong on Jeju again.  Onje?  Cheel wol.  Amado.
  Here are my musings on Halla Bongs from exactly two years ago.  Almost.  http://harfangperdu.blogspot.ca/2011/03/loves-me-them-halla-bongs.html

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