Wednesday, 28 August 2013



  A decent way clean some surface rust off chrome is with water and tinfoil.  Yeah it works pretty well.  One day maybe I'll own a nice shiny new bike, but I don't see that happening any time soon.  I like my bikes rusty and rattly - like a bucket of nails.  The rattlier the better.
  And then there's duct tape.
  'Maintenance', heh.  Cobain and I used to have a joke, I better not.


While looking for birds in the hills, I stumbled upon an abandoned institution the other day.  It's fuckin' creepy up there.  I gotta get back there soon and check that shit out properly.

Southside Randoms this week


You don't wanna know what I saw in Jeju City at 4am... (Hint: it was a waterfall made of piss)
Too many cafes in Korea?  Well shit, I coulda told you that
My spies were wrong, Eongtto Falls was dry
Love the old timers holding up traffic on their tractors
Jeju United lost badly, d'oh
  Seems like these weren't taken this week.  No matter.
  Chopper is a good flic, as is Riding Giants.
  Had some fucked up dreams last night.  About all kinds of stuff and people that haven't crossed my simple mind in quite some time.
 I thought I had an epic rant brewing, but I forgot the jist of it or whatever.

Ok I lied


  I still have my Magma.  It seemed hilarious at the time.
  I've been out birding every morning since the rain broke the heat's back.  Getting some good stuff.  Check my bird blog in a bit for details, or now if you wanna hear about the amazing and historical book Dance found in an old cabin in the woods...

  Anyhoo, yeah, the birds have started migrating south and stuff.

Tropical Storm Kong-Rey

  Yup, it's that time of year again!  Here's another one that will just swing past Jeju.  I wonder if this will affect E-dog's visit this weekend?  He's on the Trans-Siberian railway right now, I'm sure being bullied by overdrunk Russian brutes who don't approve of his dandy apparel.  We'll see.
  Perhaps it'll sweep some lost migrants to Jeju's shores?  I'm gonna check out Marado on Monday morning.

Rusty trombone

It sure is.
  Whoa, 1,777 posts in.  This means something?  Nope.
  Maybe ten years ago I stepped on a screw that someone had left standing vertically on its head.  It went right through my shoe (I think I was wearing Chucks) and halfway into my heel.  It was a bloody mess.  I hobbled the rest of the way to the jam space and my old band and I got drunk and played music.  End of story.

Monday, 26 August 2013

My new ride

  I decided that my Magma was too much bike for me, so I traded it in for this one - much more practical.  You can put tons of shopping bags on the floorboards, and she really leans into those corners.  I feel like I made the sensible choice.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lucille Bar, and other sillsigns

Psy the uber-shill
Good old Asia
Mental Breakdown
That name again is Mr. Wow
 Took the 6am bus home from Jeju City.  I'm not hungover at all though.  I was up there with some young guys who thought the best way to spend the evening was to sit in a series of hofs (Korean bars that serve expensive and shitty food) and leer at Korean women from across the room.  Ah well, they still have time to learn.
  Then it rained all day today, fat rain, so I didn't miss much by sleeping the day away.  Cooling off.  My spies tell me Eongtto falls is going off.
  I think I'll go to Home Plus.  How boring can a post get?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Free cider


'Cider' in Korea means a sugary Sprite/7up-type deal, and 73% of cider sold in Korea is mixed with Soju.  That's a fact, you can take that to the bank.
  Anyhow, twice in the past few months I've been offered free cider by Koreans.  The first such incident took place on Gageo-do in early May, and it saved my very life.  I took the looooong and hilly walk up into 2-Gu village, and by the time I got there I'd burned through my two bottles of water - therefore screwing myself for the way back.  I was dead, I was toast, that was it for me.  Then I spotted the one business in town, a small seafood restaurant, and shuffled over.  As I walked in, I realized that I had left my money in my rain jacket.  The old lady that worked there read my mind, and filled up my water bottles and handed me a warm can of Chilsung Cider, on the house.  I drank it down in one shot, and it recharged me with energy, like GummiBerri juice.  Awesome.  It was the best thing I've ever consumed.
  The other cider giveaway happened last weekend on Chuja-do.  I was sitting on some steps while the boys went for a dip, and some Korean guy handed me his bottle of Kin Cider, because he didn't want it and couldn't be arsed to throw it out.  I'd been drinking way too many fizzy drinks on that hot day, and this one pushed me over the top.  Painful bloating.
  What's the takeaway from all of this cider talk?  It's that Chilsung is better than Kin.  Ohhhh, I got you good, Kin Cider!  Take that!

Chuja-do redux


Cobain and I visited Chuja-do one epic January three years ago.  Three years ago?!  Holy fuck.  Anyhow, I re-visited the place with the boys last weekend.  Good times as always.  Cruising busted old scoots around - I got stuck with the shitty lil 50cc - I actually had to jump off a few times and push/rev it up precariously steep hills.  Antics.
  One incident of note about the trip there and back on the majestically-named vessel 'The Pink Dolphin' (hee hee!).  On the way out Officer Rulebook wouldn't let us out on deck, citing some incident that occurred on September 4th of last year (he was very specific) where some drunk josher went overboard and died an idiot's death.  On the way back, we went right back up on deck.  Let him kick us off again.  He came back out, but this time only gave us an impish grin before leaving us up on the glorious deck to breath in the fresh ocean air and mavel at the amazing scenery, while 100 Koreans happily basked below decks in a sweltering squid-and-farts-smelling shithole watching TV at deafening volume.  Cultural differences.
  Re-visit my older trip, won't you?  Why in the hell did I break it up into so many bloody parts?  Who was I?

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