Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lucille Bar, and other sillsigns

Psy the uber-shill
Good old Asia
Mental Breakdown
That name again is Mr. Wow
 Took the 6am bus home from Jeju City.  I'm not hungover at all though.  I was up there with some young guys who thought the best way to spend the evening was to sit in a series of hofs (Korean bars that serve expensive and shitty food) and leer at Korean women from across the room.  Ah well, they still have time to learn.
  Then it rained all day today, fat rain, so I didn't miss much by sleeping the day away.  Cooling off.  My spies tell me Eongtto falls is going off.
  I think I'll go to Home Plus.  How boring can a post get?