Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sings n stuff of mid-August / the demise of Geck's

Fela Kuti - always dressed for the occasion

This shit was hilarious, trust me

Shamanism?  Art?

Frenchi Pries
  Geck's has really gone downhill over the past two years.  It used to be THE place to hit up on a Friday night - you'd have tons of people out eating, getting crazy, playing pool and darts, while the great tunes and free drinks would be flowing like whatever flows a lot, proverbially.  That was the place to meet the local crew.  Now?  Couldn't tell you.
  Once Minho left to start up Stone Cafe, the new management jacked up the prices, scowled at the old crew, played shitty music, and generally did their best to make our element feel unwelcome.  Congrats guys, it worked.  The place is now constantly empty, save for the odd Korean family enjoying their wholesome shitty expensive meal to the rockin beats of Miley Cirus.
  Sigh, no one wants to party like it's 2009 anymore.  Or even like it's 2011, for that matter.

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