Thursday, 15 August 2013

Libations from a long hot summer

Amazeballs - tastes just like black cherry cola
Equally amazeballs - tastes just like European Fanta
There's a place in Busan that serves beer with a frosty beer-smoothie in lieu of head - it's actually not too bad, surprisingly
Beer pong with Piss-Bottle-Man in Busan
Dol-Harubang Mojito at Goofy Foot
It's been hot as balls for the past month and a half.  Jeju is experiencing an acute drought and the whole of Korea is in the midst of an energy crisis, for stupid reasons.  I sweat a lot.  All I can think of, night and day, is how thirsty I always am, and how amazing my next sweetened fruity drink will taste as it courses down my arid throat.  Where will I buy this drink?  What will it be?  When can I drink it?  It's all I think about.

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