Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lunch o champs and a dog's dinner

Upgrade-uh your dignity!

  Don't even fuckin ask me what I ate for lunch today, cuz I'm turning Korean.  Ok, it was ginseng drink, a boiled egg, and ramyan.  Yup, you're right - within two hours after eating it.
  Also, I recently spotted a bartender quietly wolfing down the grossest meal ever: Two pieces of cake, french fries, candied shrimp, and some other random yucky shiz.  I took the picture and gave her a raised-eyebrow thumbs up.  She smiled nervously and backed away in shame-fusion.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Stupidest dogs ever

  Stupidest fucking dogs ever.  I could tell that they liked their stupid fucking ballet dresses.  So stupid.  So stupid they'

Open Mic'in

It's 10:45 - do you know where your waygooks are?

You had to be there

A wonderful book, I read it cover to cover

Best band in the history of music.
  The open mic I put together last week (was it last week?) went down pretty well, overall.  The bad joke contest bombed this time, but the music trivia bit was fun-ish.  A decent crowd came out, and the band sounded good with the addition of a bassist(e).  We were formerly called 'The Gyeryong Mountain Boys', and we're now called 'The Gyeryong Mountain Folk'.  We tried out some new tunes, which are in fact old tunes, and they sounded solid.  I hope.  Ah, I forgot how to sing halfway through one song, but decided to finish the song in the wrong key, just for shits n gigglez.  The hippie Korean guy that runs the place is awesome, and we ended the night with hugs and slurred Iloveyous.

Angry Ssoda and an angry toad

  I hit up Gujora beach with Amadeus the other morning, and decided to drink an Angry Birds 'Ssoda'.  Big mistake.  It tasted like liquid hi-liter.  But I drank it down anyways.  The night before, the lads and I hiked Parotbill Mountain at night, and I saw a toad.  Pete!  PETE?  What're we gonna DO?

Rollin with the bigs

  I looked out my window today and saw this.  I thought it was cute.

Invaders win! Invaders win!

I opted not to tuck this time.

Ping!  Another popup.

Livin the dream in the ROK.
The Reeser shits out a Korean guy
  I played in my second game with the Geoje Invaders yesterday.  It was hot as balls out, but we pushed through and beat our opponents, 'Breaktime', by the convincing score of 19-9.  Go us!  I've been getting better, making some solid D plays, and stealing bases and shit.  My hand hurts from batting.  Poor hand.  Poor me.
   I'm pretty quiet and intense when I play sports, so I think I'm seen as the strange quiet guy who takes pictures of dead birds.  I can live with that. It'd be cool to have some friends come out and support us and get rowdy, but the games are always at 8am on Saturdays, soooo that's not happening.
  Oh yeah, in a typical twist, we printed out the names on the backs of our shirts in Korean, whereas the Korean teams chose to print theirs out in English.  Korea.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


  Like Dylan.  Blah, I've been in this country way too long.  Smile for once, you curmudgeon.
  Sick humid and hot yellow skies season is upon us, and I probably won't see blue skies until September.  That being said, I don't want this summer to end.  Not ready for The Fall.

Monday, 18 June 2012


  Is the brand of extension chord I just bought, apparently.  Something happened today, of a noteworthy nature, but I forgot it just now, so it wasn't noteworthy after all.  The open mic went fairly well with some, er,  memorable moments.  More on that as incriminating pictures surface.
  Resolute took a picture of an Imperial Destroyer hovering over the night sky of Sydney, so that's cool.  Some guy thinks it's lens flare, but I doubt it.  I took a picture of an executed ghost once, and I sent it to some guy and he said it was nothing, but it was a ghost for sure, I was fuckin' there.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Life... pretty good, mostly.
I feel guilty.  A wee flying ant landed on my computer and I squished it with one finger, while whispering 'Fuck you, flying ant.'
  Also, today my bike dropped into neutral as I accelerated, and I screamed 'You fucking cunt!' at it.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Japandemonium - Signs-mania! (vol. IV)

Anti-creeper advice

Mind the drunks

Straight outta Nishinotointakatsuji, muthafucka!

This place drew us in because of the awesome name, but they actually had a solid lunch set.

Blanka smokes rule

  Japan?  Still?  Also, where's the beef?

Fakin' Robbins

  I'm throwing another open mic this weekend.  Should be sweet.  Real sweet.


  Been all kinds of busy, but not really.  Chillin' like Dylan, living the dream, plotting, getting older - all that good shit.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Apollo Mission #4 Glowstick juice fight/Echoes of the Udo Incident

Choppers and Aces and Scoots, oh my.  And a thumb.

Tron-madeus and Extreeeemthan steel themselves


A coast poorly captured

Glowstick legs poorly captured

Glowstick mayhem poorly captured

As always, our muse
  I was in Japan for the last full moon, so we had a lot to make for with this month's meeting of the Geoje full-moon cult.  Five people on four bikes headed to lofty Noja Mountain near the Hakdong in the southwest.  Not having a headlamp, I opted for the glowstick in the boot-laces approach to night hiking, always good for a stumbly larf.
  To be honest, I was absolutely shattered within 10 minutes, panting and sweating my carcass up eventually.  At the top of yon hill the beer, glowstick juice, and lurid stories started to flow.  I gave one of my rare accounts of the 'Udo Incident of November 2010', in spite of the 'What happens on Udo stays on Udo' pact.  It was well-received.  It's all about the chilli, apparently.  There was also talk of river dophin sex.  By the end of it, Amadeus had so much glowstick jizz on him he was a one-man late-80's Chilli Peppers video.
  I used my wondrous bird app to call some Little Cuckoos, Pale Thrush, and a possible Jungle Nightjar, but yeah, slow year for birding otherwise.

Beachin' on Goj

  Rode out with a small posse of good folks to a quiet beach on the southwest nub of Geoje favoured by clammers.  We clammin', we clammin', we hope you like clammin' too-woo-ooh.  While the girls planted Korean flags (rendering us beyond reproach) and engaged in some foxy boxing, Amadeus and I built an ice-pit in the sand for the sweet sweet refreshments, and taught some giddy Koreans how to swap a little paint while tossing the pigskin around.  My treasured 'short-brim Auscam boonie' works fine.  Great success.

Sea Fod Noodle/Noodles With Mixtures

  Went to the beach yesterday.
  In other news, this harfang is still perdu as ever.  1,500 posts in, and none the wiser, just much balder and slightly wiser.  Wait, what?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bar We'll cum

I'm sunburned.  Many posts tomorrow.