Thursday, 7 June 2012

Apollo Mission #4 Glowstick juice fight/Echoes of the Udo Incident

Choppers and Aces and Scoots, oh my.  And a thumb.

Tron-madeus and Extreeeemthan steel themselves


A coast poorly captured

Glowstick legs poorly captured

Glowstick mayhem poorly captured

As always, our muse
  I was in Japan for the last full moon, so we had a lot to make for with this month's meeting of the Geoje full-moon cult.  Five people on four bikes headed to lofty Noja Mountain near the Hakdong in the southwest.  Not having a headlamp, I opted for the glowstick in the boot-laces approach to night hiking, always good for a stumbly larf.
  To be honest, I was absolutely shattered within 10 minutes, panting and sweating my carcass up eventually.  At the top of yon hill the beer, glowstick juice, and lurid stories started to flow.  I gave one of my rare accounts of the 'Udo Incident of November 2010', in spite of the 'What happens on Udo stays on Udo' pact.  It was well-received.  It's all about the chilli, apparently.  There was also talk of river dophin sex.  By the end of it, Amadeus had so much glowstick jizz on him he was a one-man late-80's Chilli Peppers video.
  I used my wondrous bird app to call some Little Cuckoos, Pale Thrush, and a possible Jungle Nightjar, but yeah, slow year for birding otherwise.

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