Thursday, 31 January 2013

Poutine, again / mems

Sizes available:  Small, Large, Fat Man's Pillow

  Yet more of the shit!  This mess was from 'Murder Chalet', up the hill.  The legend has it that a guy was murdered execution-style in the dining area, and the take-out half of the resto kept serving food all night.  Well, it's not a legend, it actually happened.  I ate a 'fat-man's pillow' of this stuff the day that second space shuttle broke apart, and it burned my gut.  That's my memory of the day.  Poutine!
  Y'know what I miss?  My bike.

War Museum

The museum ship has landed
Japanese WWII balloon bomb
Stern  Canuck paratrooper
I was surprised at how far east some of the balloon bombs got
Dig them dungarees
Canuck and Chinese kit
A cool-ass and empty room full of vehicles
German mini-sub
German remote-controlled bomb
Big ol Voodoo
Canadian jeep that got blasted in Croatia
A quad something

Sexy war bikes

German tank-bike
  While killing time in the O-dot I checked out the War Museum.  It's decent!  Not sure how it stacks up to the solid one in Seoul, but that one is free, whereas this one costs 12$.  No wait, with the taxes that comes out to 75$.  I hate the taxes.  Just give me the whole price the first time.
  Grumble.  Hey I'm trying to rant.  It doesn't come as easy here as it does in Korea, where hideous red-faced man-o-lanterns send wheezing gusts of rancid garlic halitosis past your headrest with alarming regularity.

Other Ottawa crap

Go to Hull, eh?
E-dog's chichi hood
Look!  It's Ottawa!
Steam Whistle - the only good thing to ever come out of Ontario?
I actually only went up there to warm my hands on that fire.
  It was cold in Ottawa.  'It was a cold day in Hull.'  It's windy as heck today in 514.
  In other news, the shitting and eating continues unabated.  Or is it eating and shitting?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Food, more

  That's all I do here - eat and shit, haha.  This is the pitta platter from Villa Souvlaki.  Perfect.  Absolutely nothing much else to report.  Reading books.  Maybe I should build a model airplane.

Great Gray Owl


Friday, 25 January 2013

Schwartz's deserves its own post

  Yes it does.  Now, would I put this up against a NYC Eisenberg's Reuben?  Man, don't ask me hard-ass questions like that.

Kickin it with Yossarian

Breakfast bevvies
Reunited once again
Our favourite trick, it always works

Going for a D-T-O
Sweet Brutopia eats
  Everyone has a code name, it seems.  Yossarian and I go way back - way back to jumping into the Baltic Sea in our knickers in February.  He's the red-headed me.  We met up for some drinks, food, n nyuks yesterday, always a laugh-riot.  At Hurley's, he forced me to drink whisky against my will.  Whisky is the devil.  Last time I drank it I went crazyinsane, so I only had the one.  Shiver.  Grimace.  Then on to Brutopia for some XB, shuffleboard madness, and good eats.
  Then later/further on up to Schwartz's deli, for a medium fat sando, pickle, fries and black cherry.  That was yesterday, and I'm still not hungry in the least.  What a good fuckin' sando, believe the hype.  Drool sounds.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Looking out from E-apt

Looking in E-apt

E-spoons.  Ni!

E-dog himself
  I stayed at E-dog's while in Ottawa.  He's a diplomat, with a pre-Tyler Durden Fight Club apartment. He has so many damn stainless steel ladles suspended from above it's like a Monty Python Sketch.  How did I ever get along in Korea with just the one?  Couldn't find a bottle opener up there though.  Good thing I've got one on my belt.  Cuz that's how I roll.  It was good to see the little bastard.

What does -30 look like?

  Like this.  The eyelashes stick together, the red face, the hoar frost forms unibrows, the snot turns to ice, the legs freeze.  I'm a Hoary Redpoll.  Real bird.  Redmoll?  Just got back from Ottawa.  More soon.  It's full of pubs full of annoyingly chipper waitresses.  Have a good one, eh!?

Friday, 18 January 2013

More 514 'domes

  I just realized where I picked up my annoyingly chipper 'Have a good one, eh!' farewell.  Here.  Every second person says it here.  Ok, have a good one.

Last of the Geoje lost balls

  Bafflingly, here are yet more lost balls from Gohyeon.  Nuts.
  I've realized that Geoje wasn't the best place to go after Jeju.  Tough act to follow.  Now Gyeongju - that'd be a cool place to live I think.  Or Prague, for that matter.
  In other news, nothing.