Thursday, 26 December 2013

Seogwipo Experimental Arts Festival

Did just what it says on the box, heh heh.  There were some European hippies wandering around, one of whom was smashing guitars and furniture to make a shanty house.  A front-end loader was painting an pouring drinks, and some creepy dancers in white-face were stomping around in the dirt.  Not really my cup of tea, but I guess that's art.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Signs of the xmas times


Sports Makkeoli drink!?
Love it
THIS (will give you cancer)
Holy crap, it's almost Christmas.

Desert Boots

I'm not being paid to say this, but I love my Desert Boots.  They've been all over with me.  There are droplets of New Year's eve 2011 on them, as well as tiny specks of aerosolized Halloween 2009.  They've taken me up mountains on Geoje, in spite of the fact that they were never meant for mountain climbing  (  They've caused me to slip and nearly fall many a time on this fake marble (that becomes slick as KY when it rains) Koreans inexplicably use as flooring in most doorways.  They've given me countless blisters.  But they're indestructible.  Just a well made damn shoe.  I think I wanted a pair ever since I saw Toby Harper wearing them in grade 9.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Trees of December


My little fake x-mas tree is up, and it'll probably be here until I leave, in June.  One year was sure enough this time round.
  Thinking of hitting up Seoul for New Year's, kick it with The Piss Bottle Man.  Buy some shoes.  Oh yeah, so I know I shouldn't have tried, but I thought, y'know, these days I see a lot of tall Korean guys around with what I judge to be big feet, so I thought I'd try my luck at buying shoes.  Nope.  Went into like 12 places, and each time I told them my shoe sizeee they got agitated and/or apologetic, and shooed me out whilst taking quick surreptitious glances at my feet.  'He's worse than Hitler,' they thought as I walked out the door.
  Oh shit, it's windy and rainy out.

Ramblings in the hills

Tickling Halla's belly
Tree hugger
Dead mouse!  Dead mouse!
Looks like a war crime
Had a pretty quiet weekend, was getting over some laryngitis, or that's what the quack would have me believe.  Fuckin strong Korean meds, I counld't feew my wips all week.  So went for a chill drive/stroll through the foothills of Halla.  Nice n windyfresh.  Found a great little hillock teeming with Varied Tits.  Had a good lie down on the comfortable earth, in the thin December sun.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Eats o'late

Infamous Udo Chili
Chicken shell soup
Dak kuksu
Lunch of champions, at Rose Marine
Odeng and tangerines, the way to go
A little person to eat
  I've been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables lately.  Here are some other random things I eat, or don't eat.
  Uberhappy these days.  Grin.

Shanghai shite


Shanghai, just across the pond, has been experiencing record shitty air lately.  Several times over the past month, the winds have brought a bit of that hazy yellow misery over to Jeju.  Creepy skies.  Not a fan.  Booooo!   Booooo, China!  Boooo!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

What more is a rainbow, but colors out of reach?


Avett Brothers line, innit.  It's Friday, huzzah!  It was super rainbowy last week.  Two weeks ago I mean. Good ole Seogwipo.  Time flies as ever in this place, I've been back in Korea for 8 months, Soggy for 6 of those.  Birding those Yellow Sea islands in the spring was epic.
  I'm chillin like Dylan.  Maxin and relaxin.  Coffee didn't work today.  Will not drink cola.  Ramble.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Jeju lately and stuff

Sexy bitch
Fake sports Wednesdays!
Seogwipo Harbour
Thanksgiving at Gecko's
More fake sports
Ridiculous refreshments
A very irie Sunday in the hills of Wimi +1
Adventures with dog in lostland
Morning bliss
Seafood bibimbap, tasty as
  I'm sure I used to have better titles for these post things at one point in the past.
  What's new?  This n that.  Air is clean, Halla is sexy.

Signssssss. December


Meat jewelry / hard to tell where the plastic surgery ends and the chicken begins

Le Gang

Beer & Family, together at last!
Because it's boring
Whine it all around and zigzig-ahh
I've spearheaded a campaign to healthen up a bit.  No more cola every day in the morning and beer at night.  The cola had to go.
  Feeling good lately, giddy almost.  Someone must be to blame.
  I miss those big yellow gloves I had on Geoje, gotta find some round here.