Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Abandoned coastal searchlight installation on Gageo


 Holed up in Fukuoka with a bum knee.  Japan is...Japan.  I've got so much backlog crap to blog.  Stuff from over a month ago.  Stuff from last week.  Stuff from today.  Stuff from the future too, no doubt.
 Beer helps.  Helps the knee.
  This old bunker thing was on a slope that held plenty of great migrating birds.  I jimmied open a mouldering crate and found it held about a dozen replacement lenses.
  Gageo was super, I miss it.

FUK signs


Meet Fish Vegetable


Classiest army surplus store ever

Just ridiculous

I hit 'Water Pressure' instead of 'Stop', and I think my sexual orientation shifted
Which is 'Shit', which is 'Piss'?
I don't know what they sell here, but it must be the best store ever.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Signs of Mokpo

  Sittin on Jeppuh's couch with a hangover, bullshittin about the Jeju days and he's playing the great new music of today, but it all sounds the same to me.
  I'm gonna go to Jeju in a couple of weeks.  To visit or to stay?  Wait and see.

This spider

This spider was in my shoe.  This spider was very, very big (hockey puck).  This spider scared me.

All Siberian Weasels, all the time

  Chilling in Seoul with Jeppuh.  Lotsa island stuff to sort through.  After Gageo for a few weeks I went to Gunsan, and Yubu Island, then Eocheong Island for a few days.  BIG bird news.  More on that soon or check the bird blog.
  There is a healthy population of Siberian Weasels on Gageo.  Neat.

When toddlers graffiti

Gageo Dawgs

Dawgs on roofs!  Dawgs with brows!  Dawgs with dead loons!  Dawgs with cute!  Dawgs under trucks!