Friday, 3 May 2013

Chillin with the Gageo locals

I estimate to be there to be 100-200 people living on this island, 1/3 of the way to Shanghai.  'Inner depth' is how one person recently described the character of the crusty islanders. 'Rugged individualists' is also apt.  Most locals glared at me for a week as I wandered up and down the one road in town looking for birds(they don't see too many foreigners on this pumpkin seed). 
  But after a week, I guess I'm an islander, because a few days ago my birding buddy Robin (great birder name) and I were 'invited' (kidnapped) over to this big bruiser's house.  I get the feeling he's king shit around here.  So his house was a genuinely old style Korean house, like eating in a museum.  Incidentally I took a picture of his awesone blue and red front door last week.  He watched us eat with this menacing look on his menacing face at first, I guess just making sure that foreigners eat like regular folk.  Then the alcohol came out, and we were best buds.  He dragged out a giant bottle of wood liquor (looks like his wife is trapped in it like a genie in the picture), and I noticed that his teenage son looked mortified that his dad subjected the visiting foreign dignitaries to this.
  Blogging on my phone is weird. Okay I'm exhausted I'm going to bed.  Ten hours a day of birding will do that to you.
  Oh, the oldest man ever gave us makkeolli (chunky fizzy rice wine stuff)the other day as well, it was good.  It was in 2-Gu village, population 7.

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  1. Damn, he does have quite the glower (that's the bruiser in pic #2, right?) Glad he didn't stuff you in a kimchi pot and bury you underground. Are you "bird-watching" the old fashioned way with a rifle à la JJ Audubon? First a Blue and white flycatcher, now a... Narcissus flycatcher (I think I read that right upside-down).
    Is your laptop non-functional? Why you bloggin by phone.
    Gageo sure looks bucolic and stuff.