Thursday, 29 November 2012

Critters and stuff

  Fat dead frogs, floppy dawgs, no-eyed fish, beetles-a-bangin, and butterflies.
  My knees hurt from the climbing of the mountain.  Not too many birds up there, just a few tits n peckers.  So tired, so bed.  Monosyllabic these days, this place'll do that to a person.  Eunh.  Uh.  Eh.  Yeh.

Hikin' stuff and stuff

Hey, it's Geoje.  Geoje Island.

Monday, 26 November 2012


  These cats were all "Meow!", and I was like, "S'all good, yo."  Then they went off and solved mysteries and came of age together.

Weekend of birding up north

Dawn near the border

Of course we hit a bird and its blood and brains stayed on our van all weekend.  Fail.

Or perhaps it was the Lindbergh baby?  Oooooh, too soon?

Looking for trouble within sight of the DPRK

Fellow bird-nerds
  Real north - we were on the North Korean border, at Hwajinpo.  We had the bright idea of renting a boat and heading way out to sea within sight of North Korean territory, to look for pelagic birds.  Our boat, which was maneuvering erratically in search of birds, and packed with foreigners bristling with optics, quickly attracted the attention of a coast guard cutter.  It shadowed us for about an hour, before it was joined by a navy destroyer.  I wonder how many beeping weapons systems were trained on us as we took pictures of Rhinocerous Auklets?
  It was an awesome weekend filled with jocular humour, tall tales, good birds, travel nightmares, and very little sleep.  For a full report on the birds we encountered on this trip, check out my bird blog.  But not tonight, because I'm too tired.
  Gonna go birding tomorrow.  And Wednesday.  And Thursday.  On Friday, I will rest.
  Not too long left on Geoje.  Tick tick.  Then it's off to

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Boshintang - dog stew

  You can buy it in here.  No!  Yuck!


  I've been dying to see this exceedingly rare bird for years, and I finally got one today on my lunch break.  Booyeah!  Good day.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Halloweenie extras

  Some more pics just surfaced.  Goddamn I don't remember any of this, it looks like it was fun.  Nice bangs, yeesh.  The bottlecap mando pickup is working fine, by the way.


  Loves me a steaming bowl of fish cack souf.  Boink!  I'm drinking tea.  And listening to...Dinosaur Jr. I guess.  If signs in Korea made sense I don't think I'd have stuck around in the 'penis of Asia' for so long.  Geographically, penis.  Like Florida.

Hammerhead worm (Bipalium)

  I saw one of these sick-looking predatory flatworms while birding this weekend.  Apparently they stalk and kill earthworms and snails.  Sick!  And you can cut them in half and each half will regenerate and you'll have two Hammerheads.  Sick.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Signs of Nov

Observe the law




Korea Klown

Mr. Piz


Too.  Many.  Signs.
  I woke up this morning saying 'Demolish 11 Ronald Reagan dresses.'  What in the fuck is that about?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lost balls of Geoje - Vol. III

  Here it is folks, the long-awaited third volume of lost playthings I've seen in the course of my wanderings.  It's an epidemic.  Some of them are updates on lost balls featured in LBOG I+II, always good to see how your favourite lost balls are faring as the seasons change.  I think I have a fever.  That would explain a lot.  Greenfinch.