Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Beast and I


  The +1 has gone to Taiwan for a few weeks, and I'm in charge of The Beast.  I've historically regarded little dogs with nothing but disdain, but this lil Yorkie has won me over.  We have daily adventures.  He's my beastbaby, and I catch myself babytalking to him all the time.  The Lil Bastid.  Oh yes he is!  Oh yes he is!

Harley Perdu

I'm not a big Harley fan, but this one caught my eye - a clean cruiser, all murdered-out.  Sadly, I like it because of how much it reminds me of my Magma.  Of course, each little fitting and component on that Harley is worth five or six Magmas.



Things that I declare are stupid:  TED Talks, people that say 'spag bowl', and people over the age of 12 who think birthdays are cool and fun.  That is all.  This is my declaration.

Monday, 20 January 2014

X-mas, belated


I plum pudding forgot all about Christmas.  Let's see.  On X-mas Eve I got pretty hammered and cooked stews, then went out on the roof and sang to stars.  Embarrassing, good thing no one knows about that.  Then on the 25th I hung with my fake sports crew and we exchanged silly gifts, drank plenty of eggnog and ate crazy rich foods - I was in a food/booze coma by mid-afternoon.  Then back to mine for a more cozy celebration with my +1.  All in all, a way better Christmas than last year's humbug-fest.

Ramblins o late


Good ol PSP

Furniture dump/tomb
  I like motorcylces.  The best part is when I drive one.
  19 more weeks...19 more weeks.  My mantra of late.  This place is played out, yo.
  I was thinking about the piano the other day.  That shit just looks impossible to play.  I mean the two hands going at once?  All those keys?  Seriously, how does anyone manage to play the piano?  Just saying.
  After that Penguin Swim I drove to the southwest of the island, to bird around the old Japanese Kamikaze airfields.  The weather was decent, so I said fuck it, I'll go up to the Yongsu Reservoir near Gosan (up the west coast).  Bad move.  I froze my fingers off.  That west coast is cold as hell.  Had to stop at Gecko's on the way back for a coffee just to warm up.  And a pizza.

Penguin swim / I've been here HOW long?

I swung by the Jungmun Penguin Swim dealio a few weeks ago.  Walked over, ate my free meal, and walked back to my bike.  Korean festivals, all the same, innit.  But I realized that the Penguin swim in 2009 (2209!!! I'd capitalize number if I could.  @))(! 2009!) was where and when I made my first real friends on Jeju the first time round.  I saw B-mil with his camera and started chatting with him about cameras.  Also met Piss-Bottle-Man and J-roc that day - The Thunderbots!  B-mil invited me to Gecko's a couple of weekends later and the rest is infamy.
  The point of all this fuzzy recollecting is that it was in 2009.  Five bloody years ago.  Sheesh.
  Anyway, I'm still waiting to make my first real friends this time round.  Har har!  Hermits don't need friends.  Especially when they have a dog.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Eats o late / The smell of another man's shit

Rice, veg, ang beef porridge from Bon Juk - amazeballs
I forget from I forget
Two chammers from Kimbap Chunguk - the classic
  Eat and shit - on some days that's all I manage to get done, it seems.  When left to my own devices, I eat a lot of 'That'll fill up the old crap-factory in the quickest, cheapest, and moderately healthy way' foods.  Tuna on crackers.  Peanut butter on toast.  Sometimes I cook massive cauldrons of soup or stew, then feed off that for days, like pig to trough.  Koreans make some decent soups in the winter.
  Now to the other end of things.  I don't mind when my bathroom smells of shit - as long as it's MY shit.  The smell of my shit doesn't bother me.  Not that it doesn't smell - because it smells like shit, but it just doesn't bother me.  What bothers me is when my bathroom smells of another man's shit.  Or when my bathroom smells like a big miserable shit-smelling symphony, featuring the amazing and varied shit-odors of every resident of my entire apartment complex.  Must be the plumbing in my awesome 35-year old 'Oldest-fuckin-apartment-in-Seogwipo' apartment.  Because when I come home from a long day at the mines and my bathroom reeks of stranger shit, it's not cool.  Just not cool.