Monday, 20 January 2014

Penguin swim / I've been here HOW long?

I swung by the Jungmun Penguin Swim dealio a few weeks ago.  Walked over, ate my free meal, and walked back to my bike.  Korean festivals, all the same, innit.  But I realized that the Penguin swim in 2009 (2209!!! I'd capitalize number if I could.  @))(! 2009!) was where and when I made my first real friends on Jeju the first time round.  I saw B-mil with his camera and started chatting with him about cameras.  Also met Piss-Bottle-Man and J-roc that day - The Thunderbots!  B-mil invited me to Gecko's a couple of weekends later and the rest is infamy.
  The point of all this fuzzy recollecting is that it was in 2009.  Five bloody years ago.  Sheesh.
  Anyway, I'm still waiting to make my first real friends this time round.  Har har!  Hermits don't need friends.  Especially when they have a dog.

Click to see 2009's Penguin Swim - My 10th post

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