Monday, 20 January 2014

Ramblins o late


Good ol PSP

Furniture dump/tomb
  I like motorcylces.  The best part is when I drive one.
  19 more weeks...19 more weeks.  My mantra of late.  This place is played out, yo.
  I was thinking about the piano the other day.  That shit just looks impossible to play.  I mean the two hands going at once?  All those keys?  Seriously, how does anyone manage to play the piano?  Just saying.
  After that Penguin Swim I drove to the southwest of the island, to bird around the old Japanese Kamikaze airfields.  The weather was decent, so I said fuck it, I'll go up to the Yongsu Reservoir near Gosan (up the west coast).  Bad move.  I froze my fingers off.  That west coast is cold as hell.  Had to stop at Gecko's on the way back for a coffee just to warm up.  And a pizza.

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