Thursday, 2 January 2014


Sweet bed chez PBM
Decent poutine, but no 514
Endless wings and beer at RMT
Drunk Korean guy, haha funny funny 
Getting stupid with PBM's Expendables bottle opener


Hyeonjeolsa Temple

Desert Boots thrashed again
Smileys after the Ferruginous Duck
Hung out with PBM, ate shitty food, drank a few bevvies, and had a laugh, innit.  PBM showed me Peaky Blinders, a sweet show.  Ate Poutine at RMT - it was decent this time, not like the grey slime they served a few years ago.  Gosh I've been in the Korea for a long time.  Went birding at Namhansan but failed to spot a  Hazel Grouse.  Saw a Ferruginous Duck the next day in Seoul with an old friend, so it wasn't a total bust, bird-wise.  Things are looking up, because this is my last stretch in Korea.  ForEVER this time.  The future holds good things, mostly.  Whoops I almost wrote 'goof things'.  Shit I hope that doesn't mean anything.

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