Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Astonishingly billed as 'Well-being hot dogs'...
Hot dogs aren't generally super high on my list of appetizing foods to begin with (elbows, armpits, lips, assholes), but Korean hot dogs take things to a new low.  Covered in slime, corn, plastic cheese, and vague root vegetables.  Ah well.  Complaining is fun, and easy.
  Gotta start a profound clean-up of my little apartment/hovel.  There is an epic shitpile on my balcony that's taller than me, and I fear it.  I'm thinking there's a healthy slab of wet cardboard and spider eggs at the bottom.  I can see a rotting guitar case and clothes that don't fit me draped on top.
  Hey, Fargo is on tv again, sweet.  What the heck d'you mean?
  Surprising to some I'm sure, Parched March continues.

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