Monday, 7 March 2011

Yet more crap I ate in Seoul

Wings from heaven at RMT.

Perfect grilled cheese sandos at Three Alley Pub.

I heart Pho Roi.
Breakfast of the awesome part two - cheese sticks and XXX Vitamin Water.
Chicken taco at Choi's Taco, I know you want one.  I had three.
Turkish lamb kebab sando.  We thought we were ordering pitas, but whatever.
Ridiculous Quizno's spread.
Busy weekend.  Took a 7 hour bird scoot round the west coast looking for two types of waxwing, but my information was dated, and they were gone.  Saw some decent other stuff.  Got a noseburn.  Went to the Jeju United home opener against Busan, it was surprisingly entertaining.
  Looking at these pics of stuff I ate in Seoul, I'm struck by how everything is brown, orange, and mostly greasy.  Yet delicious. Good thing I've embarked on (yet another) 'detox' campaign.  Been getting off my arse and doing stuff in the morning, and I played a shit-ton of sports yesterday.  I'm a real sportathlete.  Been eating less garbage.  Also not gonna touch any of 'The Creature' for at least a month.  So far so good.  I need a clear head and some energy, more than anything else.
  Taking pictures of food is such a classically Korean thing to do, they're thinking of granting me honorary citizenship.  Been here waaaaaay too long.  Other Korean habits I've picked up are speaking in monosyllables ('Euhn' is the answer to pretty much everything), and spitting in the streets.  Spitting in the streets, while admittedly sick-o-tating, is a privilege, no, a right, I take seriously, and cherish.  But I spit responsibly - with great power comes something something.

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