Monday, 28 March 2011

Two dead frogs

One shriveled, one bloated.  Stupid frogs.
Also, 1,000th post.  I'm high-fiving myself, but really I shouldn't.  I probably should've jumped ship 500 posts or so ago.  One fine day soon, the winds of migration will help to dislodge a stagnating owl's ass-anchor.  Adrift to always greener grass.  Away from the land of the world's biggest inferiority/superiority complex ('We're the best in the world, but everyone's attacking us, and we make such great whiny victims, wa-wah-waaaah!')
  But don't worry, I'm an equal opportunity ranter.  I've no doubt I'll have way more rants about my homeland than I ever did about this place.  Plop!  Splash!

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