Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Another lost weekend in Seoul

Mexican friggin' owls!  Korea-diculous!

Animatronic dancing phone-pandas!  Absurde!

Garbage-bear antics!

Brokeback scoot shenanigans!

Breakfast of the awesome!

Hours of joy!
  I'm watching a show about how the female Golden Orb Weaver spider (common on Jeju in late summer) eats the male soon after mating.  What a bitch.
  Just got back from Seoul, it was another barn-burner.  What can I reveal on the internet?  Nothing much now, I'm tired as a broke-dick dog.  Stuffed my face, said bye to a mate, and did some solid birding.
  Damn, they're eating bats now, sick!  Je suis numero un!

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